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Dreamcatcher Entertainment was founded to produce moving stories in narrative and documentary form that are suitable for a multi-generational audience. We also strive to provide professional media production services in a mini studio style to individuals and businesses. Dreamcatcher Entertainment aims to inspire with informative, educational and entertaining content.

Dream Catchers EPK

Dream Catchers EPK
Dream Catchers is a look into the lives of unique people who have successfully followed their passions to achieve amazing accomplishments. Each themed episode highlights individuals who have carved a niche that is spectacularly their own. The Guests come from diverse fields of expertise from Science to Education, Arts to Agriculture to name a few. Each insightful episode will be informational, motivational, educational and fun. Each episode includes, today's dreamers, children sharing their dreams of tomorrow.

Former Cirque du Soleil acrobat, Bill Forchion, hosts Dream Catchers. Bill has spent more than two decades thrilling audiences around the globe with his live performances. A former Clown with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey and a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (NYC), Bill brings his fun unique interview style to every episode.

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About Us

Dreamcatcher Entertainment was founded in 2005 by Bill Forchion.
Mr. Forchion fell in love with art of film making, as a teenager, working as a background actor. He became a member of the Screen Actors Guild in 1997 working as a Stunt Performer on "US Marshals". His work with amazing talent on big budget Hollywood films stirred in him an urge to produce his own works. In 2005 Bill left Hollywood to write, produce and direct his first short film "Angst" in his Hometown Brattleboro, Vermont. Under the Dreamcatcher banner Mr. Forchion has produced two more short films (Trial by Fire, Darwin's Dream) and two feature length documentaries (Ride to remember, Being Nimble). With Bill's unique vision Dreamcatcher Entertainment films have received numerous awards including "Best Cinematography" (Trial by Fire) Treasure Coast Int. Film Festival, "Best Narrative Short" (Trial by Fire) Wildwood by the sea Film Festival, "Best Innovation" (Darwin's Dream) Miami Urban Film Festival.

Under Mr. Forchions guidance Dreamcatcher Entertainment has assembled a dedicated crew of dreamers who are eager and excited to develop and create new and exciting projects. The "Dream" team is currently developing Film and Television projects for upcoming productions and co-productions.

Bill brings a miracle readiness to every project. His unique mix of skills is an added bonus to each of Dreamcatcher Entertainment's productions and co-productions. Bill's Resume on IMDB.com

Bill Forchion Directing / Producing Demo Reel from Bill Forchion on Vimeo.


In 2005 Dreamcatcher Entertainment was created to produce my first short film “Angst” about a teenage boy having a rough day.  Since  completing “Angst” Dreamcatcher Entertainment has gone on to produce the award winning short “Trial by fire” and the documentary “Ride to Remember”. The collaborative film making process has united Bill with songwriters Bethanie Yeakle, who created original music for “Angst” and Scott Ainslie who created the score for “Trial by Fire” and Bill Esses, who sweetened the sound on the documentary, “Ride to Remember”. We completed the feature documentary “Being Nimble” (2011)  about  18 people from around the world  training at the New England Center for Circus Arts to become professional circus performers. We are currently in post-production on the short film “Darwin’s Dream a collaboration with the extraordinary Mime Mario Diamond. We are also developing “Dream Catchers (interviews), “Sing for your supper” (food/travel/variety), “Making the list” (circus reality), “Flatlanders” (dramatic/comedy), and “Cirque US” (drama) Television projects.

Darwin's Dream (2013)

International Mime, Mario Diamond, and Award winning filmmaker, Bill Forchion, join forces to create an epic flight of fantasy. The hero, played by Mario Diamond, embarks on a journey blurring the lines between dream and reality with the bite of an apple. The Hero's journey encompasses love and loss and the evolution of man brought to cinematic life by the camera work of student filmmaker Lee Williams under the direction of Bill Forchion. Darwin's Dream is an epic journey through the mind of an ordinary man which leads him on the journey of a lifetime.

Being Nimble (2011)



Being nimble IMDB page

Reaching their dreams will take more than just being strong and determined, it will take Being Nimble.

running time: 62 mins.

ANGST (2005)

“A teenager runs from his problems and runs into himself.”

running time 7 min 3o sec.

The first short film from Dreamcatcher Entertainment.

Angst IMDB Page

Official Selection: Wildwood by the sea Film Festival 2007

Official Selection: Ruff Cutz Independent Film Showcase 2007

“Trial by fire” 2008

Trial by fire

One man struggles to regain his life after losing everything.

Running time  15 mins.

Trial by fire IMDB Page

Winner: “Best Dramatic Short”  Wildwood by the sea Film Fest 2008

Winner: “Best Cinematography” Treasure Coast International Film Festival 2009

Official Selection: Arizona Black Film Showcase 2008

“Ride to Remember”

To honor those who have given their all to protect and to serve.

Running time: 50 mins.

Official Selection: Wildwood by the sea Film Festival 2008

Ride to Remember IMDB page


Dream Catchers sizzle from Bill Forchion on Vimeo.

Bill Forchion.com


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