Toys for success

Do you have the toys for success?

For many years as a teacher I used the phrase "We are learning how to use these tools so that you can succeed." Through decades of honing my skills and my craft I have gained a different perspective.

Learning how to master a tool creates anxiety and stress for some. Over the years I had seen many skilled crafts people run from their mastery because it was too stressful.

Everything changed for me one day while substitute teaching and watching the lead teacher skillfully sharing knowledge through play. The students became my teachers. When the toy car in the classroom is seen merely as a car it can only move forward correctly by rolling on its wheels. Seeing cars slide by on their doors or roofs or walk by on their bumpers, I watched students learn about efficiency of energy and motion. They were not making mistakes with the tools, they were playing with the toys. They were receiving positive encouragement for what could have been viewed as mistakes. And there were many celebrations for the learning taking place.

Through the years it has been tremendously rewarding to witness clients playfully, lovingly and skillfully use their toys to reach their goals.

So is your toy box filled with the toys for success?


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