About Djeli

About Djeli
Djeli, formerly William Forchion, is a story weaver who helps transform overwhelm to overjoy for people of all ages and backgrounds. Ki is a thought leader, life coach, public speaker, lifelong storyteller, and former Cirque du Soleil acrobat who has traveled the world collecting stories. Having to heal from a physical injury introduced Djeli to the need for healthy healing practices through story weaving. Ki believes that we are all each other’s medicine. Djeli’s background of growing up on a farm in South Jersey created a true connection to nature. Through the story weaving process, ki hopes to help others discover how their own connection to nature affects their personal stories.

Djeli’s stories are designed to promote healing for individuals hurting from the problems of the world. Ki believes that no matter where we travel in the world, we laugh and cry in the same language. Ki uses oral and written traditions, including poetry, to create an atmosphere of curiosity and dialogue, even around difficult topics. Djeli’s open and honest approach of speaking from the heart helps others breathe life into their own stories as part of a healing process.

Djeli creates art that connects audiences, to promote emotional, spiritual, and mental growth. Djeli is the author of “Billosophy: meditations on God, movement and miracles”, “Sacred & Sacrosanct: a collection of poems”, “#ApoemAday” one year of poems and The Day after Juneteenth: a collection of poems. Djeli hosts and produces the “Billosophy101 podcast. In 2017 ki was selected to be a U.S. State Department cultural exchange Ambassador for the Arts making two trips to Turkmenistan. Djeli is the proud parent of a blended family 5 beautifully maturing humans and has called the Brattleboro, VT area home since 1998.-->

Cultural Heritage/Background: Brown-skinned descendant of enslaved Africans and indigenous Americans

*Ki (pronoun) a divine being of love and light.