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We are all unique and amazing. With this notion bouncing around inside me I offer to the world what I have to share. The words inside my head have reached to overflowing and in an attempt to keep from exploding I have taken to writing. What follows is the result of purging my mind. If you like what you see, SUBSCRIBE at the top of the page.

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The TEDtalk is coming!

Mar 14, 2022

It has been a minute since I have checked in here... I am still alive and kicking. Many of you are aware that a majority of people living on earth have been working with or working through some stuff in the past few years and I am no different. In the past couple of years I have hosted daily live events on  Instagram (@wforchion) and Tiktok (@billosophy101) while also producing the Billosophy101 podcast (wherever you get your podcast from). Each of the mentioned endeavors have taken their toll on my body, mind and spirit. I recently had a wonderful recharge. I presented a talk at the TEDx youth Randall Middle School event in Fishhawk, FL. The talk will be uploaded soon to the TED page and I will share the link here once it is live. Keep an eye out for more events like this popping up in the coming year.

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Here we are

Oct 15, 2020

Dreamcatcher BF Billosophy


Oct 6, 2020

Dreamcatcher BF Billosophy

Noeli Acoba's interview

Sep 16, 2020

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Summer has happened

Sep 16, 2020

The summer has come and gone and with it so many memories. For the past two summers I have occupied most of my time as Director of Circus Smirkus summer camp in Greensboro, VT. The summers have been a mini wonderland of natural beauty, natural talent and magical possibilities. Running the camp this summer amidst a pandemic was emotionally taxing. A "normal" summer means that I have to get all the campers and staff into camp and back home again in one piece (yes, that is understating just a bit). Running a camp during a pandemic means I have to get everyone into camp virus free, make sure they remain virus free at camp, make sure no who may be carrying the virus enters the camp, then get everyone home virus free. All that while making sure the facility and the equipment is sanitized and disinfected on a regular basis. That is quite enough to keep one busy for a summer but this summer also included Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity conversations as well as Anti-Racism training. Combining the two of those tasks was emotional draining. Running the camp was physically draining and through all that I managed to record a Billosophy101 podcast episode with Chase Culp, an Allies podcast episode, and a Vlog post with Noeli Acoba, and writing for an innovative virtual interactive project to be launched shortly.
I have taken a moment to rest and recuperate after reuniting with my children that I was unable to see for 2 months due to Covid quarantine protocols at camp. You can look forward to new Billosophy101 podcasts popping up regularly. There are a couple of other collaborative projects I am working on in the Brattleboro, VT area that will be finding worldwide release soon. I will keep you posted. Stay tuned.

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Allies podcast featuring William Forchion

Aug 10, 2020

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