Artist Formerly Known as Bill

William Forchion, the youngest of 3 kids, was raised on a 10 acre family farm in Hammonton, NJ where he dreamed big dreams. As an adult he did not stop dreaming and turned those dreams into reality. William has traveled the world as an acrobat with many performing companies including Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey and Cirque du Soleil. He has worked as a Clown Doctor in New York City hospitals with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit. His dream life also includes working as a Stuntman in Hollywood where you can see him as an Elf in the Polar Express.

With his feet solidly on terra firma, William also has a B.S. in Metaphysics and is a Reiki master practitioner. He is also a published author whose books include Billosophy: meditations on God, movement and miracles, Sacred & Sacrosanct: a collection of poems, and #A Poem A Day: one year of poetry. William's poetic works have been showcased around the world. William was selected to be a U.S. State Department Cultural Exchange Ambassador for the Arts making multiple trips to Turkmenistan.

An excerpt from William's writing:

"As an acrobat with Cirque du Soleil I was tasked with performing dangerous feats of physical skill on a daily basis. After performances audience members would comment about me as a Daredevil. I was not and am not a daredevil. I am a calculated risk taker. The daredevil cares more about the thrill than the possible consequences whereas the Calculated Risk Taker factors in the consequences before engaging. My work as an acrobat helped me better understand the calculated risk taking necessary to innovate. From this I recognized innovation as acrobatics of the mind. It is a great thrill to be a part of the process as someone embodies the fullness of being an acrobat of the mind."

William's work is derived from his mantra "I Am Enough" aligning head, heart and gut in the pursuit of fullness of self. He also takes this one step further with his F.L.Y (Fully Loving Yourself) workshop series.

William travels frequently as a workshop facilitator and Keynote speaker. He enjoys helping people master the tools they have enabling them to live into their dream life.